Frequently Asked Questons

What is the best way to get pictures of my home to you?

If you live locally, I will take the photos myself. If you are far away and you have a digital camera, the best thing is for you to email me two or three pictures of your home. I can then tell you what other shots I will need, like close-ups of architectural details or if another time of day might make a better picture.

What if I don't own a digital camera?
Then you can take 3-5 shots of your house from the angle you like best and from several feet to either side (so I can get a three dimensional image). If you aren't sure what light looks best on your house, do this three times: in the morning, mid-day, and late afternoon, for a total of 9-15 shots. Then, take close-ups of whatever architectural details will be featured. Send me all the photos in the mail and I will determine the best shots to use. I will return them with your finished portrait. 


I want to give my mother a watercolor portrait of her house, but I'd like to get her some cards, too. Can I get cards made from my painting?
Sure. Once your portrait is finished, I can design cards from it. If you like, I can put a message inside, whether a seasonal greeting, an invitation, or an announcement. I can even put together a custom package with invitations and thank-you notes in the same box. It's up to you.  

How do we keep this project a secret? I don't want my wife to know what I'm getting her for our anniversary.
That's up to you. You tell me when and how you want to be contacted, and I'll be careful to adhere to your wishes. I love contributing to the surprise!

If I have not answered your questions, please call me at 781-462-1472.


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